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by Stephanie Winston

“ For everything there is a season , and a time for every purpose under heaven ” Ecclesiastes 3:11

Being from the East Coast of the United States , I ’ ve always loved the transition to fall . I would eagerly await the chill in the air that would appear every September , the saturated colors of the leaves as they change and my favorite seasonal warm beverage from Starbucks . Fall signals for me amongst many things , new beginnings . Harvest and abundance .

As I write this article , Autumn is inching closer in the Big Bend region . I can feel it in the air . I can see it in the long shadows that are cast each night at sunset . I can feel it in the excitement in my belly . I love the fall . Having lived out here for over six years , and having been exposed to a slower , more God-centered and natural pace , I ’ m learning there is an underlying spiritual current to most things . In the spirit and within the natural world , there is indeed a season and a time for everything . This is especially apparent as the seasons begin to change .
Without a doubt , I ’ m ready for relief from the harsh falls in the desert and eagerly anticipating the change in temperature , but more than that , I look forward to change and growth in my personal and spiritual life . But not change simply for the sake of change , but rather change that is in alignment with the season that I find myself in .
Awareness of one ’ s current season requires time of observation and quiet contemplation . This is something , by nature , I tend to resist . Sitting in meditation doesn ’ t come naturally to me , but I do it anyway . It ' s how I center myself
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