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PHOTO ESSAY • by Cale Bailey

Navigating through life and enduring constant change , I must appreciate the natural beauty in the people and places that enter my life . When capturing a photo , I tend to operate the same way . Typically , I find the photos that I appreciate the most are quick shots that seem , to me , simple and alluring . Almost effortless . The landscape of Big Bend and the surrounding regions offers diverse flora and fauna unlike anywhere else : a haven for my wildlife observation . Having my camera with me keeps me mindful of the unique and beautiful details that make up a whole scene .
As change is natural to our growth , I want to encourage the same growth in my art . I enjoy the freedom in experimenting with abstract photography and incorporating elements of landscape photography . My creativity is motivated by the comfort of being among a community open to artist expression within an area that harnesses unique , raw beauty .
Dog Canyon has been an area in Big Bend National Park that I ’ ve had the benefit of observing different plants and animals . For instance , this Spanish Dagger and tarantula .
I tend to set up scenes for abstract photography . Playing with lights , exposure time , and editing after the photo is taken .
Big Bend State Park is a perfect example of the diversity amongst this ecosystem . Outside of The Solitario , plants like resurrection ferns , ocotillo , and button cacti caught my attention . �
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