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Blending Past and Present
Striking a balance between old and new can take many forms , as these styles show :
n Heritage Revival : An interest in reviving the past is evident in design trends like a remerging appreciation of antiques and vintage elements , such oversized furniture and traditional shapes . To capture this style , your design should focus on contrasting old and new for a mix-and-match look . Ultimately , the aesthetic is a look that feels simultaneously individualistic and curated .
A cohesive color scheme can allow the various elements to stand on their own while working in harmony for an intentional design . For example , the HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams 2023 Color Collection of the Year includes a combination of familiar tones that have been thoughtfully curated by design experts who borrow color and design concepts from the past for a hopeful future and a sense of belonging . Hues like Poetry Plum and Hot Cocoa evoke warmth and depth , while moderate shades like Restrained Gold and Glamour offer fresh ways to incorporate midrange neutrals . Meanwhile , soft tones like Natural Linen and Cool Beige offer subtle color for lighter , brighter spaces .
n Mixing and Matching of Eras : A new take on retro design is emerging in which eras are blended and new and old furnishing work side by side . To get this look , you ’ ll craft a space that marries historical and contemporary design , celebrating both the old and new . To design for longevity , incorporate pieces that are ambiguous in era and stand the test of time .
Today ’ s homeowners are also increasingly interested in biophilic design and bringing the outdoors in , which prompts a conservatory aesthetic in home design . To achieve the look , design your space to make maximum use of natural light in creative ways . Incorporate large potted trees and statement plants that blur the lines between indoors and outdoors . n Vintage Homestead : Reviving design elements from the past with mixed patterns , classic shapes and vintage decor adds up to comfortable and comforting design . With this trend , prints and patterns encompass a range of styles , reinforcing how interiors connect to fashion . Mixing classic elegance with sleek vintage shapes is refining the concept of polished comfort . To achieve the look , curate pieces in heritage shapes and patterns , along with retro accents . Be sure to incorporate vintage lighting and glass , as well .
A versatile color choice like Darkroom , the 2023 Color of the Year from HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams , is an alluring shade that is classic enough for heritage interiors but also modernly retro for a throwback-inspired aesthetic . It ’ s a neutral perfect for creating an eclectic yet modern look inside and out . Indoors , use it on the walls to offset more earthy brown and taupe tones in your furnishings and textiles .
Get inspired to combine the past with the present for a comforting design that ’ s all your own at hgtvhomebysherwinwilliams . com .
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