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Poems for my


By Maribil Stough Burton
Unfortunately , I just got back home from Alpine . I say unfortunately because Alpine has captured my heart and soul . Its beauty , peace and happiness is like nowhere else in the world . I now understand why my Papa loved it so much and went to Sul Ross , graduating in 1967 . He also loved the Cenizo very much . He was even published in it , First Quarter 2012 , page 22 under Poetry : “ My Mother Plays Bridge ,” by William Stough . Papa passed away on September 5 , 2022 . He was my buddy , my confidant , my best friend . I would truly like to honor him by having the poems that I wrote about him published in Cenizo .
Poems for Papa William Preston Stough 1942-2022
Beyond the Beyond
I ' m beyond denial Beyond acceptance , understanding and grief . I ' m beyond fear , agony and pain . I ' m beyond devastation and sadness Beyond feeling empty , lost and disbelief . I ' m not beyond enjoying every second with you . I ' m not beyond making more memories . I ' m not beyond loving you forever . For you see , even though it ' s the natural order of life , I will always be your Little Girl Even beyond the beyond .
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